I just got back from a exploratory trip to Cuba by way of Rutgers University and the Newark Business HUB. A small group of us went to share some of the projects we’re working on in the US and wanted to learn more about the projects happening in Cuba to see what opportunities exist. A few years ago, I graduated from the Newark Business HUB, a program designed to support business owners in the creative sector. It was a 9 month program very similar to the EPI program of the Rutgers Business School I graduated from many moons ago. This particular program helps those who are small business owners of creative businesses such as marketing, photography, videography, styling, performance arts, and more.

On this trip, we had a tight schedule which started off at a kick off event with the First lady of Cuba attending. I was very much so excited about seeing her but couldn’t help really really wanting to hit the streets of Cuba to experience the people and the culture but that didn’t happen until the last day. I woke up early and got a chance to walk around to explore a little before needing to head back with the group to resume our daily meeting activities.

This is a trip that you HAVE to take!! so make sure to add it to your bucket list!!

You’ll thank me later!! :-)