9 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A NEW HEADSHOT! It’s funny but very true!! 


I’m loving the awesome questions I’m getting behind the scenes regarding headshots at the SOLD OUT Win, Rock & Rule event next week. The other day, I published 10 tips for nailing your headshots at the event. I hope you took a moment to review it so you’re well prepared! This post is for those who need a reality check :-) Read it and have a good laugh!

1.    Your current headshot was taken with a Polaroid camera. If it’s been that long sweetie, it’s time to update your headshot. Push aside your fear of the camera and let your best self shine through!

2.    Your headshot is your senior high school photo. Well, it may be mom approved but honestly speaking, it has served its time. When putting your personal belongings in your purse, put your confidence in there as well and show up and show out!

3.    You submit selfies as headshots. I love a good selfie, even if it takes 40 minutes to get the perfect one BUT, it’s not something that works for you and your career. Cute for social media fun posts, but not for the dynamic takeover you’re working towards!

4.    You look different, like um 20+ years different.  You still get compliments on that one photo you ALWAYS use but people are talking!  They’re probably trying to send a hint. Let them know you got it and arrive on set ready to #SLAY!

5.    Your Uncle Cornbread, the one that just got a new camera, took your headshot. We love family members that know how to point-and-shoot. I get it, they’re familiar, it’s free and it didn’t come out all that bad. NOT! You’re better than this. Own up to the world domination you’re aiming for and get that professional, clean and contemporary shot you deserve!

6.    They walk past you at the event you’re Key Note Speaker for. That’s because they didn’t notice you! If you look very different from your current headshot, the one you took when you were 20lbs lighter or heavier or your hair was black, now it’s blonde or you decided to go natural. It’s time!  

7.    You cringe after seeing they used a pic of you found on Google. People don’t like to wait until you get your photos and bios together. Especially journalist and designers. They’ll just Google you and post anything they can get their hands on. Even that one picture you could have sworn you deleted. Don’t let that happen to you. Simply put, Be Media Ready!

8.    You read somewhere that bathroom lighting is best. All I can say to that is NO. Just show up and let’s get some real flattering lighting. You’ll thank me later.

9.    You submit the candid your friend took of you at the party.  Your friend caught you off guard. Your smile was genuine and carefree. It’s a nice image of you but DON’T even think about submitting it to the journal you’re going to be featured in! Oops! I should have published this article sooner huh? “Ms. I have my stuff together, it’s time for an official publicity photo! Call me!!” – Tamara Fleming Photography


See you all on Tuesday!!!