Stepping Into Greatness

The other day, a client review just made my day. I mean, after working with this amazing person, I knew she enjoyed her session but to hear the words that described what our working experience meant to hear was simply joyous. I Love Love Love creating magical moments that often times result in a break throughs.

Not only does the internet almost force you to be a person you don’t feel comfortable being, its most times expected that you prove who you are and what you’re capable of doing.

Creating images for marketing purposes isn’t easy as some people expect. There are a lot of internal conversations that develop the very minute you walk in front of the camera but I love it when a client lets my coaching help them get a new more positive, affirming conversation come up.

This amazing being allowed me to help her remember just how bad ass she really is!

TFP_JonaePortraits_018HR 2.jpg