My relationship with Panasonic started off great and has been going very well. A few years back, i was called to produce images for their CEO, Tom Gebhardt and soon after, I was called back to produce additional images for their team.

More recently, I was contracted to create additional images for their marketing team and this time, I was able to bring a fabulous local makeup artist, Tanika Green. She came ready to SLAY and I knew she’d be a great fit because her personality matches her professionalism!! Tanika provide makeup and grooming services for this two day shoot and helped make every look simply amazing!!

During these shoots, you don’t get a lot of time to get to know everyone so it’s important for me to arrive early to set up and set the locations where we’ll be working. The lighting is always my main concern before I take the first photo so that way, I have more time getting folks to loosen up and have fun for their photos!!

Everyone did a great job!! Two Days, over 20 people and we rocked it!!

Panasonic marketing team.jpg