Williamsburg High Charter School Has A Leader With Vision

My mother always taught me to never burn bridges and to in fact, help build them.

I had an opportunity to create custom stock images for Williamsburg Charter High School which is lead by a FEARLESS leader and principal, Mrs. Tanisha Williams. Tanisha hired me a few years back to create images for the school she worked at called Girls Academy in Newark NJ. Shortly after producing amazing images to support their website, the school was due to close. Mrs. Williams moved on and is now the lead principal for Williamsburg Charter.

When she wanted to move away from the stock images purchased online that did not accurately represent the culture and robust programming of the school, she remembered the project I worked on in Newark and she reached out!! Yay for building relationships!!

This school is amazing! I mean, they offer so many different options to learn such as Dance, Yoga, Performance Arts, Spanish, Visual Arts and so much more. These kids are excelling and will have nothing but a bright future ahead of them !!