I hope you’re just as excited as I am about your upcoming mini photo shoot with me on September 16th! I look forward to capturing the BEST you during the time we have together.
Let me help you make the best of the moment so you’re we’ll prepared. I’ve taken some time to create a few Pinterest boards to give you insight and inspiration on what to wear. 


HAVE FUN & BE YOURSELF! I get that being photographed is NOT at the top of most folks TO DO list. It’s definitely not on mines HOWEVER, when I know I’m being photographed by someone that has great lighting and is able to warmingly coach me through any tense moments, I am then able to RELAX and ENJOY. Doing that will bring out the BEST you and helps the session MAGIC appear sooner!!
Because you've committed to this session, you're already focused on your career and personal goals for yourself. Personal branding gives you the unique opportunity to make connections with people that want to do business with. A great business portrait can open a window of opportunity for you just because that image validates who you are as an authentic and powerful person. 


Bare face beauties are lovely BUT one thing I highly recommend for photo shoots is makeup! It's not about covering up or hiding something but truth of the matter is that wearing a basic coat of foundation and/or powder helps you look your best in camera. On a regular every day flow, you may not wear makeup but on a shoot, with multiple lights, the camera will pick up EVERYTHING!  Foundation can reduce pores an eye shadow, filled in brows and a basic lip gloss can help balance the skin and prevent the WASHED OUT look (especially for lighter skin).

Click HERE for a link that shows you basic makeup steps and how to apply.  If you know of any other sites that explain basic makeup look and application, Send me a link!! I'd love to share it!  Oh! and check out this Do's & Don'ts video.


Before you arrive, plan out what you’re going to wear. Do the research and locate a few key professional business portraits that you love. Explore what you love about them. More often times than not, you’re immediately drawn to the CONFIDENCE and that comes from a few things, one of which is the CLOTHING & STYLE.  Look at your color combinations they are wearing and pick out colors you’ve been complimented on before. Above all else, a great photos starts from WITHIN! so be positive and manifest exciting energy that will help bring LIFE to your images!



To maximize your time on this shoot, consider layering up!! Layering your outfit will allow you to maximize your session and provide you with more options of images to pick from. Layers can be scarves, awesome statement necklaces and accessories, jackets and blazers, traditional ties and bow ties, etc.  You get TWO looks from the session. Bring at least two-three looks you can quickly change up in during your 15 minutes. All photos will be taken on paper backdrop and will be in combinations of horizontal and vertical.  Images will be shot from the waist up (No Full Body Shots).

DON'T FORGET!!!  Come prepared!!  We only have 15 minutes and remember to BRING YOUR A+ GAME & HAVE FUN!! 

Got Questions? I Have Answers!!! Email me at info@TamaraFlemingPhotography.com or call 973-280-1649