Wedding Photography Terms and Conditions


Notes on Other Photographers:

Representatives of Tamara Fleming Photography should be regarded as the exclusive photographers during the wedding ceremony and formal photo sessions before and after the ceremony. While other photography is expected and certainly allowed, we have strongly suggested restrictions and guidelines for the behavior of other photographers.


With respect to all friends and family involved, our primary concern as hired professional photographers is to deliver the best possible photographs that we can produce for the bride and groom, and to do this job as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as we can. This particularly applies during the formal photo sessions before and after the ceremony.


During those times, it is crucial that we be able to work as unhindered by the actions of others as possible – and this includes the photographic efforts of wedding guests.


We expect amateur photographers (family and friends) to be present and taking photos as a natural part of the wedding occasion. However, courtesy and respect are needed from those individuals for the effort we are putting forth on behalf of the bride and groom.


Thus, we have established a few guidelines that help to ensure that other individuals do not interfere with the professional photography process any more than necessary, and that we are better able to deliver the best possible end photos to the wedding couple.


• In the church (or other ceremony location) guest photographers should shoot only from the available side angles and not from the main aisle where we are working. Neither should other photographers attempt to step into our shooting positions in the main aisle during the brief intervals between our shots, since this tends to slow down our overall posing and shooting process.


• Other photographers should not halt the process of our professional work during formal photo sessions to request their own additional photos or groupings, or to step in to our working area for second shots of groups that we have just finished posing. These interruptions slow our ability to move on to the next sequence of shots and tend to prolong the formal photo session and delay the bride and groom in moving on to the reception. Any photographer who wants additional photos or groupings should arrange those either in a separate area, or do those shots when we are no longer working in the altar area.


• In regard to simultaneous shooting, other photographers should attempt to time their own shots in such a way that their camera flash does not fire at the same time our camera flashes are firing. We generally have two photographers shooting (depending on the size of the wedding), and it can be very difficult for us to establish our own timing with multiple other cameras firing at the same time as ours. Crucial shots can be easily ruined when flashes from guest’s cameras fire simultaneously with our own.


To the Bride and Groom:

Please help us to help your guests understand that these guidelines are designed to ensure that we deliver the best possible photos to you. We are not attempting to prohibit others from taking photos, but merely wanting to impose very slight limitations on their freedoms so that we, as the paid photographers, can give to you the best of what you’ve paid for from us. Depending on your level of privacy, considering the digital age we live in and the desire to take and post images and video, we recommend you add a statement in your wedding program for guest to not publicly post photos of the ceremony.


Use of Images:

By entering into this contract, the couple should note that Tamara Fleming Photography   reserves exclusive use of images, including reproduction and copyright. Tamara Fleming Photography  reserves the right to use images for display in advertising, print, blog, online and publication.


Copyright Protection:

No unauthorized copies may be made of any prints or enlargements produced by Tamara Fleming Photography. This includes electronic scanning or otherwise copying those prints, both of which represent violations of existing copyright laws. Please note that we give you full access to print, share, enlarge and/or copy your wedding photos.


Liability for Capture of Specific Images:

Photographers representing Tamara Fleming Photography will do their best to capture all agreed-upon wedding day moments. However, due to limits imposed by time and flow of events on wedding day, Tamara Fleming Photography cannot be held liable for unintentional errors or omissions on the part of its photographers. The limit of liability of Tamara Fleming Photography is to monies already paid by the customer.  Please use the online event questionnaire (shared later) to advise us of any specific images you’d like to have captured.


Retainers and Other Payments:

Initial wedding retainers to reserve date and time are nonrefundable. If for any reason a wedding time and date are changed after submittal of the original retainer, we will do our best to accommodate those changes; however, any such accommodations are based on the availability of photographers for the new time and date. In the rare event of a wedding cancellation, the initially required wedding retainer cannot be refunded but can be applied to another like service. The balance of the wedding package payment (or any expanded basic package) is due two weeks before the wedding day.


Photo Credits (if applicable):

No refunds will be made on any unused portions of photo credit. The photo credit represents a minimum order requirement. Balance is due in full at time of ordering for any amount exceeding the minimum order requirement when the order is placed.


Confirmation of Services and Times:

As human error is always possible, it is the responsibility of the wedding couple to contact Tamara Fleming Photography during the week of the wedding to confirm wedding day plans and requirements.


Photo Start Time:

Unless otherwise specified, wedding day photographic coverage begins no later than one hour before the start of the ceremony. (It is advisable in many instances to begin earlier.) We usually check in with the bride to see what stage of preparation she’s in and then we’ll locate the groom to begin taking key photos. Soon after, the photographer will return back to the bridal suite to take photos.


Getting Ready Photos: IMPORTANT

We’ll arrive to review the room and determine the best places to shoot. It is understandable that the room be in a little disarray with so many things going on however, we ask that you have someone that can help tidy up the room when photos are being taken.  Having an assigned person for this can free of the photographer to focus on creative images and less on moving paper, extra clothing, etc. from various location in the space.  Window light RULES! More then likely Tamara will be looking to take getting ready images using natural/ window light. This would be a great place for makeup application as well as for putting on the dress. Please have your team clear plenty of room to accomplish our shoot goals.


Reprints, Enlargements and Digital Image Files Delivery after the Wedding:

No reprints, enlargements, or digital image files from the wedding day can be delivered until the full amount for those items has been paid.