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Tell people you’re a photographer without saying you’re a photographer:

I SHOW highly focused and determined people how beautiful and powerful they are.

Photography has been a journey for me. As a kid, I was self conscious and judged every thing about me. My eye, ears, lips and feet was all I fixated on. Mainly because that’s what I got picked on the most in school.

Simply put, I LOVE being able to create wonderful and purposeful images for my clients. I'm the one that stares at people when Im out. No doubt its because Im studying faces and noticing how light impacts their features. I bring all of my love for photography, lighting and people to every project I work on, be it for solo entrepreneurs or large C-Suite executive teams and employees.

My goal as an adult is to help remind others that they are beautiful and unique and shouldn’t be compared to others in any way. Luckily, I get to photograph people who are absolutely amazing. Those that set goals and nail them! and those that are making major moves in their lives and careers as small business owners or employees. Either way, they are trailblazers and that’s pretty dope. I get to work with this scale of folks that at the same time of them crushing life goals, they still need to be reminded to slow down, relax and tap in to have some fun.

Clients usually come to me saying they HATE taking photos. Mainly because it can be awkward. But that’s where I kick in to request the opportunity to coach them into a positive space and it always works out. I get to pour into my clients who are usually Type A personalities so if that's you, I'm ready for ya!

In addition to being a portrait photographer, my work as an entrepreneur also includes me being the co-founder of an amazing agency created to fill the void of not having real and authentic stock images that feature people of color. If your company is looking for diversity and representation in your photos, illustrations and videos, Check out and join our mission to be diverse and represented ACCURATELY and on purpose.


I love the Color Purple (both the movie and the color)

I'm a serious introvert but when the camera is in my hand, I immediately turn extrovert and I LOVE IT! 

I'm from North Carolina and I love the outdoors

I love talk radio aka podcasts. I'd listen to that on a road trip vs music... it's in my DNA!! - Ask me how!

I'm super shy but the camera is my superpower! It's ALL ABOUT YOU WHEN I'M WORKING!

Wife. Auntie. Creative. Advocate & Self Care Enthusiast


travel is my thing check out the Places I've been:

ghana, costa rica, puerto rico, ireland, signapore, dubai, cuba, maldives, mexico, haiti, dominican republic, bahamas, tanzania, zazibar st. thomas, virgin gorda, aruba, france, canada, hawaii, colorado, california, florida, seattle, georgia,philadelphia, albany, texas, alabama, arizona, virginia, new york, maryland, nevada, south carolina, delaware  

Where should I go next??

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